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A&W Vegetarian Restaurant
Fast Food Chains Look to Capitalize on Vegetarian, Vegan Trend with New Items - Vancouver Courier
August 20, 2018
Vegetarian and vegan eaters are growing in percentages, being now 1 in every 10 diners in Canada. Michael Whiteman discusses this underground movement.
Butcher Banker Steak.jpg

The Secret of a Steakhouse Thriving in NYC? Forget the Steak. - Commercial Observer

July 18, 2018

Michael Whiteman discusses how his steakhouse chef choice was based more on plant-based and sauce experience than how well the steak was.

Heart of Palm Salad by State Bird Provisions
Summer Dishes - The Platinum List
June 2018
Rozanne and Michael reveal their favorite dish of the summer, coming from State Bird Provisions out in San Francisco, CA.

Transforming a Bank Vault into a Modern Steak-easy in NYC - Food & Beverage Magazine

February 2, 2018

Michael Whiteman transforms a 90 year-old bank vault into a modern, steak-easy in the roaring Midtown Manhattan. With a menu curated by Scott Campbell and cocktails mixed by Allen Katz, Baum & Whiteman layed down the recipe for success.

7 Food Buzzwords - Forbes

July 31, 2017

Forbes invites Michael Whiteman to describe 7 popular food trends that have been buzzing this year, including Blended Burgers, Frozecco & Froze, Goth food, Single-item Restaurants and more. 

Reputed Creator of Buffalo Wings to Open NYC Restaurant - Wall Street Journal

June 20, 2017

Anchor Bar, home of the original Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, New York, are expanding to the Big Apple. While their popularity in Buffalo has turned them into the "go-to" spot, they now face the fierce competition of NYC. Michael Whiteman commented on how Anchor Bar's good back story may serve them well and states that "there's generally room for one more of everything."

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