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A Portfolio of food Merchandising

Our objective for creating food for our client is simple:

Whether its upscale or downmarket,

we aim to stimulate appetites

1. We make the familiar look interesting. 

In other words, we transform tired old favorites

into excitingly new taste propositions.

2. We make the interesting feel familiar. 

In other words, take something that might be strange or off-putting and transform it into a dish that makes customers feel comfortable and willing to experiment.


How To

Merchandise Caviar

Get Serious About Bar Food
Bristling Shrimp
Romesco Dip

Ramp Up the Flavor Profiles

Lamb Shank, Roquefort Cheese, Coarse Polenta, Chunky Green Sauce

For Up-Scale Projects

Is your papillote getting tired and soggy? 
Roast Halibut for two in a golden balloon
Transform dessert...
... into a "volcanic" extravaganza
Put a New Twist on a Contemporary Menu Cliches:
Wrap goat cheese in a beet carpaccio and top with fennel salad.
Quail Eggs and Caviar
Steak Tartare "Iced" with Caviar
Your Customers Don'T Know What 'Nduja is?
Smear some on a familiar heritage pork chop
and top it with sweet and sour onions.
Keep Pasta Seriously Seasonal 
Truffled Ricotta Ravioli, Celery Root Puree, Crisp Leeks
Go for Maximum Drama
Asian Bouillabaisse Cooking in a Paper "Dish" Over a Live Flame
Glorify a Hum-Drum Steak
Top it with Fried Oysters and Brown-Butter Bearnaise
Convert a humdrum steak sandwich ...
... into a mountain of flavors and textures with bitter broccoli rabb, crunchy haystack potatoes and grarant basil oil

Remerchandising American Diner Classics

Build a Better Burger:
Pastrami Reuben Burger w/ Provolone, Tangy Slaw, Crunchy Fried Onions, Russian Dressing
Make an Irressistible Starter or Snack
Great Balls of Fire: Chilipepper Mac & Cheese Balls
The All-Day Breakfast Sandwich
Spicy Fried Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Runny Egg, Pimento
Salsa-Roast Pork, Pickled Red Onions & Avocado in a Tomato-Chipotle Dipping Sauce.
A Mexi-Dip called
Torta Abogado
Globalize the Classic French Dip:
Invent a Regional Specialty
Fried Green Tomatoes "Benedict" on a Biscuit
Don't Hide the Point
Show Off the Fish on a Smoked Salmon Omelet
Rethinking Spaghetti & Meatballs
One Giant Meatball Makes a Memorable Impression
Boost the selling proposition of rack of lamb with rashers of house-made lamb bacon
Tail Wags Dog
Sure, your New York strip steak is USDA prime.  But ours parades through the dining room atop a skillet full of smoking herbs!
Here's a slice through the pig (for two) -- from pork chop to pork belly -- braised and then fried. With a hedgerow of crispy fat.

Electrify The Dining Room

Pommes Souffles
Coddled in Linen
Reinvent Surf & Turf
Seared scallops & foie gras
A New Take on...
Cobb Salad