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Windows on the World

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Rainbow Room

Equinox Singapore
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Baum+Whiteman has been wowing the hospitality industry around the world for decades.  We're famed for creating destination-dining attractions that raise the marketing visibility of restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes, museums and mixed-use developments.

We have unparalleled abilities to implement our concepts in collaboration with the world’s finest designers and architects.  Acclaimed for understanding how scintillating food and sensitive design touch upon human emotions, we've been successful working in other cultures around the globe.

Perhaps unique in the world of consulting, we also have been high-profile operators --Windows on the World, the Rainbow Room and the first food court in the US.  Whether starting from scratch or injecting new life into existing restaurants, we're there every step of the way.

BLOG & In the News
BAUM+WHITEMAN's Food & Beverage Trend Report for 2021
November 12, 2020
A post-Covid transformation of how America will eat ... and where.  Why lots fewer restaurants may be a good thing.  Implications of a permanent increase in home cooking (and drinking).  A batch of flavors you need to pay attention to.  The "edge on veg".  Restaurants taking over urban streetscapes. Immunity is the new sustainability.  Plus 20 buzzwords for 2021.
BAUM+WHITEMAN's Food & Beverage Trend Report for 2020
November 22, 2019
Dealing with Americans who think that plant-based and cell-grown foods are better than the real thing.  Millennials killed milk; now they are killing your cocktail.  How ghost kitchens could up-end the entire on-line food industry and why it is a danger, especially to small operators.  Surrendering your privacy at the drive-thru. And 15 new buzzwords for the year ahead.
A&W Vegetarian Restaurant
Fast Food Chains Look to Capitalize on Vegetarian, Vegan Trend with New Items - Vancouver Courier
August 20, 2018
Vegetarian and vegan eaters are growing in percentages, being now 1 in every 10 diners in Canada. Michael Whiteman discusses this underground movement.
Butcher Banker Steak.jpg

The Secret of a Steakhouse Thriving in NYC? Forget the Steak. - Commercial Observer

July 18, 2018

Michael Whiteman discusses how his steakhouse chef choice was based more on plant-based and sauce experience than how well the steak was.